Closet Revamp                       

$129 (3hrs)

Personal Shopping/                 Personal Styling                      


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Career Upgrade                     

$129  (3hrs)

Fashionista Special!!!!           

$475/per year

(Includes 1 closet revamp and two, four hour shopping trips through out the year, spring/fall or summer/winter)

Gift Certificates Available!!!!


Closet Revamp

Minimum 3 hour session where we take everything out of your closet and decide once and for all whether it stays or goes!

Personal Shopping/Personal Styling

Shopping trip where either you go with your stylist or they bring the clothes direct to your door!  Also gift shopping and event styling.


Career Upgrade

“Dress for success” is not just a cliche, it really matters.  Ready for that next step?  Whether changing careers or just starting out ModaMorghana has seen it all.  We can help you present yourself in the most appropriate and comfortable way possible.  Either start in your closet or go straight to the appropriate stores.

Fashionista Special

The best deal around!  Stay in style all year long!  Live like the stars and have your personal stylist looking out for you all year long.  With the closet revamp and two, four hour shopping sessions, your stylist will get to know the real you and well!  Never again worry about staying up on the trends or whether you look out-dated or frumpy!  ModaMorghana has got your back!

We have many more customizable packages and deals to suit any of your fashion needs, just give us a call or drop us an email!



$99 Closet Revamp w/ any other service